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A refreshingly different
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Together is about reinventing ledger management. We have been helping businesses for over 12 years to streamline their processes. There are many challenges and extensive administration burdens including; payroll, credit control, HMRC compliance and financial reporting that can slow businesses down.

Reduce Debtors Days

Unique Technology

Reduce Risk

Unique Technology

At Together, we help our Partners by being proactive with due diligence and credit management to avoid delay in payment.

We are Ledger Management specialists who understand risk; we use our expertise and robust processes to reduce the chances of companies failing and increase their opportunities to grow, by improving cash flow and reducing costs.

Together provides recruitment businesses with the ultimate ledger management solution. We save them the cost and time in collecting their debt, to improve cash flow and profitability.

Your clients are in safe hands. Our processes are reviewed and refined continuously to ensure risk is managed and minimised, using our company wide TQM process.

Why should you use Together?

We’ve been collecting debt and reducing debtor days for over 12 years
By using our industry leading credit management services, we provide the end-to-end solution. Our highly sufficient processes and experiences UK staff collect money quicker and reduce debtor’s days, helping businesses to better their cash flow.

How do we make this work?

We use unique Technology giving a leading solution without the cost
The Together industry leading technology with fully integrated back office processes, allows clients to view it as and when they need it and make those all-important management decisions. Our cloud-based system is fast, secure and easy to use.

What else do you get?

Recruitment industry insights from the best in the business
As recruitment industry experts, we have unrivalled knowledge of changing legislation, market developments and innovations to ensure recruitment businesses are compliant, well informed and beating their competition.

What we offer

Industry Leading Collections

  • Reduce Debtors Days
  • De-risk Debt & Debtors
  • Legal Services
  • Real Time 24/7 Management Information

Get the best Recruitment solution from the UK leading Specialists

  • Work with key funders
  • Market Leading Back Office Solution
  • Recruitment Industry Insights
  • Recruitment Growth Network
  • Unique Cloud Based Technology
  • Referral Scheme

Decrease Your Debtor Days

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